The Amazing Swiss Alps

Switzerland travel journal (Jungfrau Region – Swiss Alps)

Well, had an amazing time. We stayed in Lauterbrunnen which is a lovely village in the “valley of 72 waterfalls”, one of which is Staubach falls (300m high), which we could see and hear from our bedroom window. The village church rings its bells every hour and the chimes echo down the valley.

The air in the Alps feels purer, and in general, the whole place is the cleanest, most natural environment I’ve ever been in. The people here are friendly and helpful and all speak English (putting my lack of German/French to shame). The buildings – for the most part – are wooden with triangular roofs, all have shutters and flowers at the window – in fact there are flowers everywhere, and it’s very colourful.

We travelled around via the mountain railway and cable cars, and this provided an excellent and easy way to tour the whole area. We spent most of our time hiking in beautiful places, taking in the amazing views. Highlights included the Eiger, Monch, & Jungfrau mountains, Lake Bachalpsee, Jungfraujoch (which included walking out on a glacier), and Schilthorn (including lunch in a revolving restaurant).

Things that will remind me of our holiday: cow bells, flowers, snow-capped mountains, alpine lodges, clean air, peace, quiet, calmness, waterfalls. It’s a place full of character and colour and makes England seem rather dull and over-crowded by comparison. Overall, the Swiss Alps are the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

Just two of the many amazing views:

ch ch1


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