Reading & Writing…

… my two favourite pastimes!

I’ve just finished reading Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby, who is one of my favourite authors. I love his direct style, and very much enjoyed his latest offering. Juliet, Naked was funny and moving, and deprived me of sleep (as any great novel should). Few books are fabulous enough to evoke that feeling of loss when you close the final page, and I’m not sure what to do with myself now… I need something brilliant to read next, so I’ve picked up Wish You Were Here by Mike Gayle; for some reason I’ve not gotten around to reading it, but I’m sure MG won’t disappoint; he’s never let me down before…

As for writing, I think I’ve written more in the past few months than perhaps the whole of 2009. I’ve realised discipline is key. Still lots of hard work to be done before I get anywhere worth shouting about but I’m enjoying it and that’s all that counts…

Met up with an old school friend (from middle school, no less) who I have known for about 20 years but haven’t seen for about 7. It was great to catch up and I really must make more effort with said friend, and others, in future.

Right, let’s get started on this book…

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