I have been to my fair share of major cities and must say that, in general, I am disappointed with them. Venice, Geneva, Barcelona are all places I visited and came away with no desire to go to again. I think it’s because when you step away from the unique aspects (the canals in Venice, the lake in Geneva, and the beach in Barcelona), they lose their charm and all I see is the busy crowds, which I hate, and often: the chain stores which can be found anywhere.

No city, for me, compares with the view of the Grand Canyon, or the wonder of the mountains and lakes in the Alps.

There are a few cities I like though: Paris has its charms, I like visiting London now and then… New York and Boston are nice and Las Vegas is just the most unique and amazing city I’ve ever been.

But my favourite city of them all is: Bath. It might not sound as exotic to only travel to Somerset, especially when the British weather means it’s often cold and wet, but there it is. I love Bath. I think my favourite thing is, if you took away the cars, it would feel as if nothing has changed there for the past two hundred years. I love the honey-coloured buildings, the black railings, and the rolling hills beyond. I love that Jane Austen (my hero) lived there and set a few of her novels there. I love that there is over 2000 year’s worth of history to be found at the Roman Baths and I love to walk around the little gift shops and along the river. My favourite eatery is the Pump Room, where you can have a very refined afternoon tea while listening to beautiful live music. Above all else, Bath has character.

So, there you have it, as much as I love to travel, and as much as I dislike cities in general, there is one city I am happy to flock to again and again. I’m going to Bath for my birthday this weekend, and what a delightful time is to be had, I am sure : )

Currently reading: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.

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