Next Step on the Ladder

I have been staring at the screen for quite some time, trying to figure out how to write about the changes going on in my working life. I wanted to write something poignant about change and transition… but somehow couldn’t find the right words.

But I feel it’s worth sharing here that on Thursday I left a company I’ve been working for for seven years. It was sad, saying good bye to my colleagues and friends and I found it more emotional than I’d expected to, leaving the building for the last time.

On Tuesday I start my new job. I’m excited to be moving into a new environment with new people and new challenges… and feel this is the right time for me to make a change – hopefully my instincts are right.

I still feel there’s something else I want to convey, and yet I’m not sure what it is, or how to put it. So; Happy Easter and may all your chocolate egg calories be worth every bite.

Update, 2019:

I read this again today and I realised what it was that was missing: HURRAH!

That job I stayed in for seven years wasn’t right for me. I didn’t have any opportunity to learn or grow, I was paid below average, and I had no happiness or sense of achievement there. Only with hindsight can I say that.

Don’t settle for a job that you don’t love. Read more about chasing your dreams here >

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