The digital revolution and e-books

So, despite owning an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and being married to a gadget-lover, despite growing up with computers and working in digital marketing… despite all this; I admit, I was reluctant to embrace the digital age at first.

For quite a while, I kept buying CDs. ‘I like having the case’ I’d say to my much beloved when he questioned me. But soon enough, partly due to lack of space, I converted and now all my music is downloaded and wirelessly transported to my iPhone within seconds. No need to leave the house or even place an order and wait for it to arrive. No cases gathering dust on my shelf. I admit; it’s wonderful.

But I was particularly hesitant to make the move to e-books. I love books. I love the smell of a fresh new paperback; wood and glue bound together with crisp white pages and sharp black ink. I love seeing all my favourite novels lined up on the shelf. I love turning pages… but most of all I love to read. It’s my passion, and I carry a book wherever I go. I was determined not to give up on books.

Then something happened. I went away and I forgot to take my book. I was reading Charlotte Bronte’s The Professor at the time and it occurred to me that maybe I could get the Kindle app on my phone and download it. And sure enough, within minutes, there I was, ready to continue reading.

Within a few months I was reading Kindle books on my iPhone and iPad – even when I switch devices, the app knows which page I am up to – and then, one sweet day, my I got a Kindle.

Oh, how I love it. It’s lighter than a book, it fits in my bag, and it will hold several novels when previously I could have only carried one.

So: hurrah for the e-book and Kindle and all things digital. I am a convert, at last, and happy to admit it.

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