Why I write

Since announcing that my first novel will be published in January, my friends have been asking me similar questions… they want to know what the book is about, which is to be expected. What I didn’t expect, is so many people asking me what made me write a novel in the first place. And it’s not something that’s easily answered…

It might sound a bit corny, but I write because I am a writer. I don’t know when or how it began, but sometime before I can remember I started writing stories. Mostly scribbles and fragments in notebooks. Then I would write a few chapters and never finish anything. Then finally, after encouragement from my husband, I sat down and committed to actually completing a novel. After a while, it was almost out of my hands. The characters took over and were in my thoughts every single day until it was finished. Just completing Amy & Zach was a personal achievement for me and if no one else ever read it, that was fine.

Luckily for me, some people thinks it’s worth reading and sharing, and I feel incredibly lucky and humble that Amy & Zach is going to be published.

I don’t write for financial gain or so-called semi ‘fame’. I just feel compelled to write, and I will continue to do so, probably for the rest of my life. Hopefully my next novel will be publishable, too. If it’s not, so be it, I’ll still enjoying writing it.

I admit, though: I am excited to see my name in print 🙂

Currently reading: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen (yes, again!)

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