Why Chick Lit Rules

I don’t usually enjoy movies and books with sad endings. Life can be hard. I know that; I live it every day… so when I look for entertainment in the form of a story, I want to escape. I want to forget the real world and, most importantly, I want to be left with that feel-good factor.

If the main character(s) or their loved ones die, or fail to find happiness, for me, it ruins the experience. When the credits roll, or the last page is turned, I don’t want to be left feeling tearful, disappointed and wondering what the point of it all was. I want to feel happy and inspired.

I enjoy thrillers, too, so long as the hero saves the day, good overcomes evil, and things end as they should.

However, with chick lit/flicks, I just get a very pleasant feeling, like a warm glow inside, when the main characters finally get together, kiss for the first time, or utter the words ‘I love you’.

In other news, it’s 75 days until Amy & Zach is released 🙂

Currently reading: Chasing Daisy by Paige Toon.

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