How to find time to write a novel

A number of friends, and even a few strangers, have been asking how I got to this point (i.e. about to have my first book published).

There’s no easy answer to that, I’ve been writing stories since I can remember, but it took me a long, long time to actually complete a novel. I used to write 10k-20k words and then get bored and start something new. During this time, I kept saying I wanted to be a professional author but didn’t really put in the work needed to become one.

Eventually, my husband took control. He told me that he didn’t want to read another ‘beginning’ – he wanted to see a whole novel. Then, out of the blue, he bought me a nice shiny laptop and said I could accept it only on the condition that I used it to complete a novel.

My next lesson was to realise that you have to treat the writing like a second job. Youmust find the time, and you must write regularly; or it’ll never get finished. If you leave it weeks between writing sessions, you get lost and spend the time re-reading what you did last time to remind yourself where you’re at, instead of progressing.

Just to finish Amy & Zach seemed like a good accomplishment for me and even if no one read it, I was pretty happy. The fact that the good folks at Crooked Cat liked it and wanted to published it, was amazing to me.

And so last week my dream came true: I saw my name on the cover of a book (pictured here on my dining table!).So, all you wannabe writers: work hard, don’t give up, and above all else: write, write, write…

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