Paige Toon

My favourite author right now…

Today I’m writing a little homage to Paige Toon, who was unknown to me six months ago but, thanks to a recommendation from my good friend Becky, has become one of my favourite authors.

Here’s what I love about Paige’s books:

  1. I find it easy to identify with the protagonist. I think this is mostly due to the books being written in the first person. You really feel like you get to know the central character.
  2. They are fast-paced. Something exciting happens on a regular basis and you’re always intrigued right from the start. So many other books dip in the middle…these books are all page-turners right the way through.
  3. They all have very attractive heroes…anyone who’s read her books will attest to this: Nathan, Johnny, Will, Luis *sigh*…They’d all give Mr Darcy a run for his money in the gorgeous department.
  4. The characters are real. They have flaws, they make mistakes, they don’t always behave how you want them to…but you love them all the more for it.
  5. Finally (although I could go on all day), they make you feel good. All warm and gooey inside.

So…if you haven’t ever read any Paige Toon, check her out. If you like Marian Keyes and authors like her, you will LOVE Paige Toon. She’s the best of the bunch, IMHO.

Happy reading 🙂

PS: Still ill – ugh! Thanks to everyone who has sent me good wishes on Twitter, FB, via email, etc 🙂

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