Novel 2: Izzy’s Cold Feet

Hurrah! I’m very happy to announce that my second novel, Izzy’s Cold Feet, will be published later this year by Crooked Cat.

The hardest part about writing it was coming up with the title. For some reason, I couldn’t think of one for ages and until recently I just called my files ‘Novel 2’ – catchy, huh? So, it’s nice to have a title and know that it’ll be published in the not-too-distant future.

Lots of people have asked me if this is an Amy & Zach follow-on, and when I tell them no, they ask if I will write a sequel at some point. I have a few ideas, so you never know. But Izzy’s Cold Feet is completely new.

I hope anyone reading this had an enjoyable Easter break. Mine was spent seeing family, reading* a fab book, and seeing One Direction at the O2 in London (lots of fun!)

Currently reading: Breaking the Rules by Cat Lavoie (& I love it!)

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