An Amy & Zach sequel

No, this is not an announcement. More just sharing my thoughts out loud. So many people have asked me about a sequel to Amy & Zach, that I am thinking about writing one.

Now, before publication, I would never have considered it. I felt it was finished and complete. But since I’ve been asked several times, I’ve started thinking about them again and I’m imagining what happens next.

I’m also thinking about Libby and Tim. What’s their story? Is it very different from Amy’s version of events? Maybe the sequel should be about them.

If you’ve read Amy & Zach and would like to see a sequel, then firstly: Thank you, I’m honoured! And secondly, who are your favourite characters that you’d like to hear more about? What questions are lingering in your mind about what happens next? I’d love to hear what you think. Drop me an emailtweet me, or send me a Facebook message.

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