Amy & Zach on location

Amy&ZachReaders of Amy & Zach will know that they visit a fair few places throughout the novel. Here’s a photo blog of the places that inspired me:


I visited Boston about 5 years ago and wrote a lot of notes about the vibe and the feel of the place. I loved Faneuil Hall in particular and found the history there interesting, so I decided to include some of this in Amy & Zach. Some of my photos from my time there:

Massachusetts State House Boston

Grand Canyon

What an amazing place. My reaction on seeing it for the first time was much the same as Amy’s… it just takes your breath away. The size and scale of it has to be seen to be believed.

grandcanyon grandcanyon1

Las Vegas

I went to Las Vegas with my husband simply because it was the closest city to the Grand Canyon, but we both loved it, in particular the Bellagio Fountain.

vegas1 vegas

Milton Keynes

My hometown…and Amy’s hometown.  There are lots of preconceptions about the place, but it has everything I need (except for the one thing I want; mountains nearby!)

This is the Peace Pagoda (which I love!), which Amy & Zach walk past at Willen Lake:

peace pagoda

Preview of Izzy’s Cold Feet – Switzerland

Izzy, of Izzy’s Cold Feet (coming soon!) visits the Jungfrau region in Switzerland, and here’s a photo I took there. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been:



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