Izzy’s Cold Feet: 50 days to go

So, 50 days to go until the launch of my second novel, Izzy’s Cold Feet

I started writing Izzy’s Cold Feet pretty much as soon as I’d finished Amy & Zach. What I found most interesting is that the ending is not what I planned when I started writing. It was like Izzy and some of the other characters took over the story and dictated how it should all end.

Now, it’s a bit soon to give you too many details about the plot, but here’s some info about some of the characters you’ll meet, should you read Izzy’s Cold Feet.

Izzy – a girl who’s got cold feet, funnily enough.

Ewan, Jason, Dexter, and Greg – some of the men in Izzy’s life.

Amber & Jade – Izzy’s best friend and cousin (named after my two cats!)

Helen… you’ll have to read the book to find out about Helen, but she’s got a subplot all of her own.

So, there you go. Fifty days to go..!

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