Amy & Zach sneak peek

Haven’t read Amy & Zach yet? Here’s a tiny glimpse at a part of Chapter 1:



Time to face the music…

Amy&ZachI saw (my brother) Ed’s face smiling at me, I suddenly felt a rush of emotion. His hair was longer, almost down to his shoulders in an unkempt mess. I saw he was alone and I felt a little relieved. He was walking towards me now, grinning, and wrapped his arms around me affectionately. He smelled of an expensive aftershave and felt thinner. I was pretty sure I felt fatter.

“Good to see you sis.” He released me quickly and then took control of my trolley.

“Did you come alone?” I asked, trying to figure out if I was disappointed or pleased.

“Yes. Mum is preparing dinner for us. Libby and Tim are there.”

Panic rose in my chest at the sound of my sister’s fiancé’s name. I could have done without seeing him today. We walked along chatting about the usual things, my flight, and the weather, how I was generally, how he was overall.

“Wait,” he said suddenly stopping as we reached his car, “Where’s Zach?”

“He couldn’t make it. He’s got flu.”


I tapped my credit card nervously on the counter as the clerk typed a few things into her computer.

“We have one seat available on the next flight to London,” she told me. “But you’ll need to board right away. I can tell them to hold the gate for you.”

“Thank you.” I handed her my credit card, ready to hug her for telling me this news. I’d imagined waiting hours in the airport. I glanced at my watch. Amy would be landing about now. I thought about calling her, but decided against it. She’d made it clear she didn’t want to talk to me, and if I told her I was coming, she’d only tell me not to.

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