Meet some of the characters from Izzy’s Cold Feet

Here’s a little preview of some of the central characters from my next novel, Izzy’s Cold Feet, released 12 July.


Izzy, as the title suggests, has cold feet. She knows her fiancé is a wonderful man, and yet she doesn’t have that passionate loved-up feeling she thinks she ought to have. So she starts to think about the other men who were in her life before she met him. But will this just confuse her, or help her to figure out what – and who – she really wants?


Izzy’s fiancé is kind, caring, handsome… everything a girl could want. But is that enough for Izzy?


Izzy’s first love Ewan was sexy, adventurous and a little aloof. Once upon a time, Izzy thought he’d be the love of her life…


Dependable, kind, and a very successful chef, Jason was once ready to give Izzy everything she wanted, until she hurt him…


Dexter left Izzy heartbroken. Yet, ever since she met him there’s been an intense attraction between them that she can’t explain, or move on from…


Helen, Izzy’s sister, has been missing since Izzy was 12. The mystery surrounding her disappearance, and the affect it’s had on Izzy are profound. All Izzy wants as an adult is a normal, happy, settled life. She just isn’t sure which man should share it with her.


Izzy’s best friend, Amber guides her through the ups and downs, happy times and tears.


Cousin and surrogate sister, Jade is Izzy’s fun-loving favourite relative.

Special cameo appearance:

Two characters from my first novel, Amy & Zach, also pop up for a brief moment. You’ll have to read Izzy’s Cold Feet to see who!

Izzy's Cold Feet16 days to go! 🙂

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