Ten facts about writing Izzy’s Cold Feet

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Here’s 10 facts about writing Izzy’s Cold Feet

  1. Izzy’s name was originally Alice. I’m not sure why I changed it…
  2. I had a different ending planned, but Izzy took me in a different direction.
  3. My editor was none other than Jeff Gardiner, author of Myopia. Check him out here >
  4. The hardest part to write was the blurb.
  5. Izzy loves to cook, and so do I. Here’s one of my favourite recipes.
  6. I first starting having ideas about writing this story on holiday in 2009… I remember sitting by the pool and thinking about it. It just took me a few years to put those thoughts into action!
  7. When I submitted my manuscript to my publisher, Crooked Cat, the story was untitled. I thought of “Izzy’s Cold Feet” a few days later.
  8. When I write, I often forget to drink or eat. My husband has to keep reminding me. If it weren’t for him, I’d be dead from dehydration.
  9. I had a book launch party for my first book and guests were asked to suggest the name of a character for my next book for a bit of fun. A handful of the names suggested have made it and feature for some minor characters (several were too ridiculous to use!)
  10. There are two cats that make an appearance in the story: Fred and Sherlock.

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6 thoughts on “Ten facts about writing Izzy’s Cold Feet

  1. Shani Struthers says:

    I like the name Izzy better than Alice (but that’s cos my daughter is called Izzie!) – and I love the way characters develop a mind of their own – suddenly you’re not the boss anymore, they are! Looks like a really good read, Sarah Louise, I’m going to enjoy it I know. xxx

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