Guest Post – Courtney Giardina: Minimizing distractions when writing

Today I have author Courtney Giardina’s guest blog about minimizing distractions – some great tips here for fellow authors! 🙂

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Reducing the “I didn’t have time” excuse

It’s hard to be a writer today. I’m not saying it wasn’t hard back in the day, but there are just so many distractions around us that give us excuses not to find the time to sit down and write. Excuses like: Johnny has soccer practice, your mom called, your friend Carol posted something crazy on Facebook or you just found out about a new video on YouTube that went viral. Sure, these are all important and I’m not saying we can’t do any of them, but writing is just as important, so us writer’s need to find ways to minimize those distractions. Here are a few suggestions I have to offer!

Write in a room with a closed door: This will reduce the amount of times kids and significant others and come in and out of the room. Let them know that when the doors closed it’s your writing time and only to disrupt if absolutely necessary.

Put your phone on silent: There have been so many times where I sit down to write and just as my hands are about to touch the keys, my phone rings and I end up being on a conversation for thirty minutes, sometimes longer. Then by the time I hang up, I’ve lost all motivation to get back to the keyboard. So put your phone on silent and out of reach. If it’s hard to do at first, set a time every twenty to thirty minutes and get up to check it.

Unplug the internet: How many times have you done this? Write a sentence, check Facebook, write another sentence then check your email. Me, I’m guilty as charged. My suggestion, if you really can’t stay off of the internet, turn it off.

Eat first: No one can function on an empty stomach, so make sure to grab a snack before you start. This way you won’t find yourself getting up from time to time to head to the kitchen. It will also eliminate any distractions you may run into on your way to or from the kitchen that will hinder your progress.

Don’t edit: I know this sounds silly, but a lot of times we as writers get stuck on what to write next so we go back to the beginning and begin to read. Before you know it, half of your writing was spent fixing errors and rewording other sentences. Wait until the end to re-read your work. For now, writing time is writing time, so just write. If you get stuck, just refer back to your outline or think about what you want to happen next and go from there.

About Courtney Giardina

Courtney was born and raised just outside of Rochester,NY where she jumped and tumbled her way through school as a gymnast and cheerleader. She credits cheering under the lights on Friday nights as the reason for her love of football.  Realizing that becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader was probably not a realistic ambition, Courtney decided to take her creative talents down a different route. In May 2012 she traded cold, snowy winters for extremely humid summers in Charlotte, North Carolina and worked early mornings and late nights on top of a full-time job to create Tear Stained Beaches. When she’s not in the midst of writing songs, poems or debut novels, Courtney enjoys being in front of the camera as an actress, running 5Ks and singing loudly to country music in her Jeep. In her world, everywhere is a stage.

cover for web finalTear Stained Beaches

Haylie Julian wants nothing more than to put her crumbling marriage back together. Chase used to be a fun-loving, light hearted husband who had lately become an overworked attorney obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder.  It isn’t long before Haylie starts waking up next to a man she barely knows. His secretive phone calls and late nights at the office leave her feeling alone and afraid of what he might be hiding.  Ignoring his continuous pleas to just leave well enough alone, she continues to dig for answers and discovers a heartbreaking truth.

Struggling with what she has just learned, Haylie sets off to a quaint little North Carolina beach town to decide if her marriage can survive. It isn’t long after she arrives that her world is once again turned upside down as Chase’s secret stares her right in the face.

Tear Stained Beaches explores what happens when a marriage isn’t the happily-ever-after you thought it was. Can trust be rebuilt? Can a wife forgive the ultimate betrayal?

Give Back

Courtney believes that giving back should be an important part of our every day lives. Helping those who need it and supporting those around us make for a better tomorrow. As part of her mission to give back, Courtney has chosen to donate 10% of all purchases of Tear Stained Beaches that come from her website by October 23 to the organization Jodi’s Voice. Jodi’s Voice is a newly created organization working to raise awareness for a great cause of helping create stricter stalking laws.


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