My experience at Theo Randall’s restaurant

As readers of Izzy’s Cold Feet may suspect, I’m a bit of a fan of cooking, fine dining and food in general. Jason, one of the central character’s in Izzy’s tale is a well-known chef with his own restaurant, which features in the story.

For me, it all started when I got hooked on Master Chef a few years ago and my enthusiasm has been increased since Chloe (see pics), decided to become a chef. She has a real passion and cooks very technical and challenging dishes – her passion to learn astounds me (I wish I’d had that passion at her age!).

ChloeLast year she became a particular fan of Theo Randall. We enjoyed watching him on Chef’s Protege (where he found an apprentice – David) and between seeing him on that and other TV appearances, we both became keen to visit his restaurant at the Intercontinental on Park Lane. And last night we went there to celebrate her birthday… We were not disappointed.

We expected the food to be good, of course… and it was outstanding. The best meal I’ve ever had. Beautiful tagliatelle, incredible flavours with my guinea fowl, and scrummy dessert – all amazing. If (when!) you go there, you must order the zucchini fritti – so delicious.

Everything else about the experience also made the evening perfect – the fantastic ambiance was complimented by the wonderful staff who all wished Chloe a happy birthday and made her feel like a VIP; the smile on her face throughout the evening was a wonderful thing to behold. She spotted David from the Chef’s Protege show a few times, so she was also pretty chuffed with that.

Theo & ChloeThe highlight for her was meeting her idol, and Theo was so friendly and kind to her, even inviting her to see the kitchen and talking to her about work experience someday.

So: a huge thank you to Theo and all of his staff for providing us with a wonderful evening. Chloe said it was one of the best days ever – and her passion for becoming a chef has grown even bigger. She came away with a signed copy of Theo’s book so I’m looking forward to her cooking his recipes over the coming weeks!

A bit of a different blog for me today, but I wanted to share my experience and highly recommend Theo Randall to all who love Italian food. Normal book/writing-related blogs will resume next time 🙂

5 thoughts on “My experience at Theo Randall’s restaurant

  1. Niall Brannigan says:

    Great review. We adore Theo’s restaurant and, like you, have managed to get ‘backstage’ (it’s not hard, just ask!) He is a lovely guy and cooks great food. He does MasterClasses on some Saturdays. My wife has done one and has another lined up in February. Check his website.

  2. sandradan1 says:

    Oh Sarah, this is my all-time favourite restaurant! My husband took a cooking course with Theo [I gave it to him as a Christmas present, wicked idea!] and he had a fab time. 🙂 SD

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