A random update including something about my third book…

It seems about time I wrote a blog about my writing (regular blog visitors will have noticed I’ve become a bit of a wannabe food critic!).

I’ve had a lot of questions from readers on Twitter about what’s taking so long and the truth of it is; I struggled a bit with the story I started writing after I finished Izzy’s Cold Feet and about half way through, I started all over again with a different plot. So this one has taken quite a bit longer to write but I’m back on track (I hope!) and it’s nearly done… hopefully it’ll be published later this year – watch this space!

In the meantime, I don’t have title yet, but the main character is called Jenny, and if you thought Izzy’s life was in a mess, just you wait until you meet her! 🙂

So… when I haven’t been eating out or writing, what have I been reading lately?

I’ve just recently finished The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson by Paige Toon, a YA book although it was written with the same skill and talent as Paige’s usual adult chick-lit, and I loved it – it was fast paced and engaging. Visit my ‘Books I Love‘ page to check out a list there for some more recommendations.

Right, well back to work – Jenny’s story is waiting to be told!

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