Sneak Peak: Meet some of the characters from Independent Jenny

Well, with just two weeks to go, I thought I’d write a little about the characters you’ll meet if (when!) you read Independent Jenny.

First up – JennyIndependent Jenny

Jenny thinks she has it all; her own photography business, her loving husband Ross, a nice house, a golden retriever, and great friends… until Ross confesses that he’s cheated on her. With some girl from a bar. Ugh.


Everyone makes mistakes, right? Can Jenny overcome Ross’ infidelity and get back to their life together?


Ross’ brother. Who is cute. Very cute. Turns out, he’s had a bit of a thing for Jenny for quite some time… Will Jenny feel the same way about him?


Jenny’s best friend, always ready to give advice. But will she listen to reason? It seems unlikely.


Jenny’s oldest friend. Hayley thinks a girly holiday is the answer to Jenny’s problems. But Hayley has an ulterior motive, and a whole side-story of her own.


Jenny’s old boyfriend, who, for the record, she wasn’t in love with. She hasn’t seen him since he went off to university and although a few sparks fly when she sees him again – he’s married.

Finally… Wentworth

Jenny’s trusty golden retriever. What will he make of all this? Should Jenny forgive Ross? Should she give Aiden a try, or is that going to be too complicated?

Find out in 2 weeks…


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