Review of Wish I Was Here

So last night I went to an advance screening of Zach Braff’s new movie Wish I Was Here. I was one of 46,520 backers who helped fund the film via crowd-sourcing (and I LOVE that I was a teeny tiny part of this … I mean, it’d be a 19 on the end of that figure without me, right?) Read this previous blog on why I backed Zach Braff’s movie here.

Wish I Was HereNow, although I didn’t get to meet him (I’ve met him before so I can’t complain … too much), it was fantastic to see Zach at the screening. He came out beforehand full of energy and spirit, and said hi to everyone. He thanked us for backing the movie and said if we like a particular part of the film, we can know we contributed to that part – “if you see a prop you particularly like, you can say: I frigging paid for that prop!”

Then the movie started… and I was a little nervous. I mean, I trust Zach – I wouldn’t have given him my money if I didn’t – but after all this waiting, was it really going to live up to my expectations?

Yes, of course it did. It exceeded them, which you wouldn’t think could be possible if you saw how psyched I was before we went in.

Now, enough waffle I hear you say, what about the movie? What happened?

I’m not going to give a bunch of details about the story, but Aiden (played by Zach) is in a bad place. His father is dying, his brother’s unhelpful, he doesn’t have a job and his pursuit of his life’s dream isn’t happening, his wife isn’t particularly happy and he’s got two kids to feed. Although the movie centres around him, the whole family have their own little tales to tell…

It’s about family, relationships, the pursuit of your dreams, spirituality, death, life…

It made me cry … but it also made me laugh. A lot.

It made me feel the way I did the first time I saw Garden State (Zach’s first movie) and when I saw All New People (a play he wrote and starred in): Uplifted. Inspired. Motivated.

But enough about me and how it made me feel. Let’s talk about YOU. You should so go see this movie. It’s out in the UK this Friday, 19 September. Go see something honest and real and moving … You’ll love it.

Finally … in the unlikely event that Zach should read this blog, I have a message for you. If I had met you again, I’d have told you that your movie is absolutely amazing, thank you for allowing your fans to be a part of it, and thanks for the inspiration. You went out and made your dream come true; and each time I encounter something new that you do, it inspires me to work that bit harder on my own dreams. So: thank you a thousand times over.

Enough with the cheese … Readers: Independent Jenny – my third novel – is out on Tuesday! Woo-hoo! 🙂

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