Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes has a bit of a bad reputation, which for the most part, is pretty unfair. So here’s a blog about my hometown:

Common myths about Milton Keynes:

  1. It’s a concrete city – no way! MK has loads of parks, lakes, and more trees than any other city in Europe.
  2. It all looks the same – maybe from the road, but come and look closer, and you’ll see it’s not.
  3. Milton Keynes is boring. Nope. We’ve got indoor skiing and skydiving, night clubs, tonnes of restaurants, an amazing theatre, a football team, Europe’s longest shopping centre, water sports, museums … to name but a few.

What it does lack, I admit:

  1. A bit of character – everything is new and modern.
  2. Mountains or hills with a view … it’s pretty flat around here.
  3. Infrastructure (they’ve built all these houses but the hospital and other facilities cannot cope)

Great things about MK:

  1. You’re never more than 15 minutes away from whatever you need.
  2. It’s in the middle of the country, so it’s easy to visit London or travel north.
  3. Some amazing people live here 😉

Ramble over.

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