Take That live – something you’ll never forget

Seeing Take That live is not like any other concert. They don’t just stand on stage and sing. It’s a theatrical stage show with plenty of flair, over the top costumes, special effects, and amazing sets. They put on a show like no other, and are the best band I’ve ever seen live (as a 5, 4 or 3 piece!)

There was a good mixture of old and new, with some great songs from the new album but also the old classics we all love like Relight My Fire, Could It Be Magic and Back For Good. My favourite song ever is Shine – always fab live, and of course great songs like Rule the World and Patience are always crowd favourites. They ended with Never Forget, the crowd with their hands in the air and yellow confetti showering over us.

Everyone stood up from the very beginning, singing, dancing, clapping, cheering. These days you get a real mixture of concert-goers, including many men… the atmosphere was electric, the guys amazing…

A very happy Thatter here. Can’t wait for the next time 🙂

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