Benefits of being a pescetarian

I decided at the end of 2015 to stop eating meat… I love animals and didn’t like the idea that any creature would die for me to eat. I cry when I see a dead fox on the side of the road; yet I’d go home and eat meat almost every day…  It got to the point where, no matter how “humane” the slaughter was, I didn’t want to eat meat anymore.

But I wasn’t quite ready to give up seafood. Fish is really, really good for you – much better than meat – and I’ve read in lots of places (although I don’t know if this is true for sure), that fish are not quite as conscious and able to feel pain and fear, as say a pig or sheep. So, I decided I would give up meat, and continue with fish at least short-term, to see how it went.

It’s been over 2 months and so far it is going GREAT!

Putting the ethical stuff to one side, here are some other unexpected benefits I’ve discovered:

  • It’s cured my IBS! I’m not too proud to talk about my poop publicly; I had all sorts of bowel issues prior to going meat-free. I seemed to be suffering from either constipation or stomach upset on a weekly basis, and occasionally get a serious attack. Since I gave up meat I have very regular “normal” bowel movements. Hurrah for me and my poop!
  • I’ve saved money; meat is expensive. And even when I fancy a spaghetti bolognese, the quorn mince is much cheaper than beef.
  • I’ve had more energy (maybe because I’m digesting better?!)
  • I have reduced my risk of getting bowel cancer by 50% (I know! Evidence here >)
  • This article here, also suggests that it may lower my risk of other diseases, and provides some pretty convincing points on why to give up meat…
  • I’ve also read lots of posts about reducing my carbon footprint, losing weight, and so on.

A few tips if you’re considering pescetarism yourself:

  • Do some research to make sure you get enough iron and protein; I’m only eating fish one or twice a week so I’m a 100% vegetarian 5-6 days a week and I want to ensure I’m getting what I need. I add chia seeds to my porridge and take an iron supplement tablet every day. I also eat more nuts now.
  • Quorn is a really good substitute for your favourite meals, I’ve used the ‘chicken-style’ pieces and the mince, both are very similar to the real thing. They also do amazing sausage rolls and scotch eggs when you fancy a treat – you honestly can’t tell. Ooh, and the roast joint is great with for Sunday lunch.
  • Linda McCartney burgers… so good and very authentic.
  • Tofu – I use to think it was boring and flavour-less, but it really depends on how you cook it!
  • Explore new veggie recipes! I received Gino’s Veggie Italian book for my birthday and have made some lovely dishes from that, and made a 3-bean vegetable chilli which was lovely…
  • Come and ‘like’ this Facebook page 🙂

Lastly, I seem to get asked the same questions frequently, so here’s some answers…

  • No, I don’t miss bacon, I never liked it much to start with (never a fan of processed food tbh) but I bought some quorn bacon that was very similar to the real thing.
  • I occasionally crave a burger – but the Linda McCartney ones really hit the spot.
  • I do not judge others for eating meat – go ahead… but please buy sensibily. NEVER go for chicken or eggs that are not free-range, etc. etc.

Yours, happily, healthily, Pescetarian Sarah 🙂

2 thoughts on “Benefits of being a pescetarian

  1. Katie W. says:

    I recently became pescetarian last week and I love it. I have no symptoms of my IBS any more, either! I also suffer less anxiety and depression, I noticed an increase in energy and I sleep better at night. I state that I am vegetarian because most people do not know what it means to be pescetarian. I have not decided yet if I want to give up fish yet or not, as I have had this lifestyle change for health benefits. Have you read anything about the pros and cons of going full vegetarian? I, too, consume fish about once or twice a week.

    • sarahlouisesmith says:

      Hi Katie 🙂 Great to hear you’re finding similar benefits on the IBS side and feeling good. I’ve read lots of information about how good fish is for you (much better than meat), so for now I’m going to continue with it… Good source of protein and other nutrients, too. But I’m sure many 100% vegetarians would say it’s fine without, too!

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