Some very, very good books…

I’ve been reading lots lately, and here are some of my faves. Check them out if you haven’t read them already.

  • Lindsey Kelk : A Girl’s Best Friend
    I love all of Lindsey’s books, they’re funny, romantic, inspiring and written at just the right pace. I particularly love her protagonist’s best friends (not just here, in all her books), not only do they have great sub-plots but they’re so loyal, and strong, and I wish they were real people so I could hunt them down and make them be my friends.
    A Girl’s Best friend is the third in the series of books about Tess, struggling to change career and sort out her love life, between her long-term crush Charlie and her intense feelings for loveable rogue Nick. Loved this book. As I do all Lindsey’s stuff…
  • Lindsey Kelk : Always the Bridesmaid
    Okay, so I’ve read two Lindsey books in the past few months. Loved this one as well. Caught between a Bridezilla and a about-to-get-divorced-zilla, this is entertaining, funny and feel-good.
  • Jojo Moyes : Me Before You
    Okay, so I was way behind the times on this one. But with the movie coming out (which I’ve yet to see, is it awesome?) I thought it was about time I read it, see if it was as good as everyone thought.
    It was. Brilliant writing, amazing characters, beautiful story. It made me laugh, but also sob. A lot. You have been warned.
  • Andy Weir : The Martian
    Totally not my usual genre but I have a bit of a fascination with space and Tim Peake and all that jazz, so decided to give this a go. It was gripping, funny and far, far better than the movie. I wrote a whole blog on it that you can read here >
  • Zanna MacKenzie : Amber Reed series
    Romantic love triangle, celebrity crime solver – need I say more? Love these books, never sure if it’s the thrill of the mystery Amber has to solve or the will-they-won’t-they love story but it’s probably a wonderful combination of both.

Lastly. I have a confession: I’ve hardly written anything myself for MONTHS. This is the longest I’ve gone since I first learnt to write, and I’m getting withdrawal. I’ve got no excuses other than I’ve been busy. But I was over half way through book 5, so watch this space. In the meantime, thanks for all the lovely comments, reviews etc. I will try to blog more.

Over and out.

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