Books that have influenced me

Here are some of the books that have inspired me the most when it comes to writing novels…

PP.jpg1. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
Jane, in a time where women weren’t “supposed” to write, managed to get published and become a national hero. You can’t get much more inspirational than that. I love all of her books, and for me, she created the genre of romantic comedy. P&P is everything a good ‘chick lit’ should be: witty and romantic with hidden undertones of the issues of society, feminism, and so on. I have read it several times, and always enjoy the adaptations as well.

2. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

So, not my genre for writing, obvs. I didn’t even want to read it to start with, I was pretty sure it was just for kids… but these books are clever, engaging, and above all else about friendship and loyalty. Again, Jo went through her trials before getting published – and look at her now. So inspiring. I wrote a whole blog about HP a while ago, read it here >

bj.jpg3. Bridget Jones’ Diary by Helen Fielding
I was only 15 when the book came out and I knew right away, this was the sort of thing I loved to read, and this was the sort of thing I wanted to write. It’s fun, light, and very much like a modern day P&P. I was 20 when the film hit the cinemas, which just inspired me even more. After reading Bridget, I started to write … and write … and write …

A reader recently compared one of my books to Bridget Jones – I was thrilled! 🙂

I may have to read each of these again now! Which books have inspired you?

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