My Downton Abbey revival

I’ve got a cold… This cold is a sneaky, devilish one. It started Saturday, just feeling a tad under weather … Sunday to Monday, I felt run down, but okay. Tuesday the sore throat started. Wednesday ear ache. Thursday, I’d almost lost my voice. It was slowly taking hold. It’s Friday now and it’s in full swing, last night I barely slept between resisting the urge to cough and my nose running constantly.

I’m sipping cough syrup from the bottle, sniffing Olbus oil, taking cold meds every 4 hours and sucking Strepsils. But enough with the self pity. I’ll be better in a few days. And it’s a good excuse to watch a lot of TV and be lazy, right?

downton-abbey-s5-locations-quiz-icon-hiresI gave up on Downton Abbey when Matthew died. I was angry, you see. First Sybil, then Matthew? The best, kindest, nicest two characters, wiped out in their prime. And it aired on Christmas Day – how dare they make people sad at Christmas? So I boycotted.

I like my entertainment to be light-hearted and fun, uplifting and inspiring. Not depressing.

But … seeing as I don’t feel like doing anything else, today I am watching from where I left off, with the aid of the wonderful Amazon Prime, and: yes, it’s depressing (they’re all even sadder than me that Matthew died, of course) and Anna the maid has just been raped, as if things at the Abbey weren’t bad enough.

I heard it gets better. Let’s hope so. Meanwhile, I do enjoy the etiquette, and the clothes, the way society worked, and the changing times. What do you think? Comment below. Was Downton Abbey one big downer or a magnificent thing? Shall I continue watching until the end? That’s a lot of episodes to get through, but I will if I must.

Happy Friday, may you have a wonderful weekend.

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