Why Bridget Jones is amazing

So I saw Bridget Jones’s Baby this week – what a funny, entertaining movie – just like the first two. Helen Fielding’s first two books (haven’t read the recent one, too distressed about MD’s death) – were brilliant, and influenced me as a writer so much. I think I fell in love with Chick Lit when I read the first one.


The film was funny, full of adventure, romance, cliff-hangers… I really didn’t know who the father was until the end and I couldn’t decide who I wanted it to be, even, keeping me engaged to the final scenes.

Bridget Jones is such a great, likeable character. On my drive home, I thought about why this is… and here are my thoughts:

Bridget is so relatable. When so many female leads are glamorous, skinny beauties with the guys being the ones who are inept … Bridget makes mistakes. She says stupid things, she has all these embarrassing moments, she’s always worried about her weight … she’s real and she somehow makes you feel better about your own life – because she’s just like you.

Which means you want her to do well. We all know, characters that we love and relate to, must do well. They must overcome their problems and find love, find a great career, land on their feet, etc. There’s a sense throughout the stories that she deserves success.

Let me add here that Renee is amazing as Bridget, who could imagine anyone else playing that role? Her comeback was outstanding. So impressed.

The men are great, but have their failings too. So many male leads are heroes, kind, romantic, never putting a foot wrong. How can you say that about Mark Darcy? He’s rude to Bridget, he’s pre-occupied, he doesn’t always do the right thing (much like Mr Darcy of P&P of course). And we love him all the more for it.

Even Daniel Cleaver is a loveable rogue – if he treated your best friend how he treated Bridget you’d hate him, but when you see him through Bridget’s eyes, you can’t help but love him.

And then there’s the new love interest in this latest film, Jack, played by the delightful Patrick Dempsey. A romantic, funny, enjoyable character…

No spoilers … but if you’ve seen it, did it end up the way you wanted it to? I kept changing my mind, but I was happy with the ending 🙂

Were you #TeamMark or #TeamJack? Comment below, I wanna know!


2 thoughts on “Why Bridget Jones is amazing

  1. Susan Flint says:

    I enjoyed BJ3 film and loved the intrigue. I think there will be a BJ4 when she is turning 50 as the newspaper report leaves it open. I laughed so much at all her query ways, thoughts and bumblings. Well done I say.

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