Meet the characters from Unrequited Alice

Hello! I hope this blog finds you happy and having a great day…

white 450x450It’s less than two months to go now until the release of Unrequited Alice on 16 March! I’m really excited to share Alice’s tale with you all. Here’s a bit about her…

Alice lives in Camden, London and runs a bookshop. And her biggest problem is that she’s in unrequited love. You know, the soul-destroying, painful, sad, hopeless kind of love. The man she loves is about to marry her friend. And Alice is going to be bridesmaid.

So, what about the other characters in Alice’s world?

Alice’s oldest friend, Hannah is about to get married to Ed…

The man Alice is in love with. Oops.
But, Ed loves Hannah of course. Or does he?

Penny and Miranda
Alice’s fun-loving friends and house-mates.

Alice meets Toby on Hannah’s hen weekend. He is in unrequited love, too. Can they help each other to move on?

The good-looking guy who wants to date Alice – but is he really want she wants?

You can pre-order Unrequited Alice now from Amazon 🙂



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