More fun and adventure

People say to me all the time that I am lucky.

This is because I do all sorts of fun things* and then I post photos and write about it on my social media. But I am not lucky. I don’t even really believe in luck.

Fun & adventure isn't for the 'lucky'. It's for those who seek it, and take action.I do believe in taking 100% responsibility for my life. I believe in taking action today, to create a better future for myself tomorrow. I believe in having the most fun, adventurous life I can, while I can.

So, what about you? What places have you always wanted to visit? What days out would you enjoy? Who would you like to spend more time with? What hobbies do you love, but don’t make time for?

If you had only a month to live, what would you spend that month doing? Sitting around, watching TV, complaining? Or would you go out and have as much fun and adventure as possible?

Stop being lazy. Stop saying ‘someday’. Make plans. Take action. Have an extraordinary life. And you can be “lucky” too.

No money? There’s soooo much fun, free stuff you can do. Also: spend money on experiences, instead of things. Downgrade your shampoo brand. Order less take-aways. Get your hair cut less often. It’s worth it, trust me 😉

*Some of the fun things I’ve done in the past 12 months (if you want some inspiration):

  • SarahLouiseSmithBeen in the audience for a TV show (free tickets!)
  • Travelled to/through 8 different countries: Scotland, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium (and I’m about to go to Rome, Italy)… yes, all in 12 months
  • Visited UK cities: Bath, London and Lincoln for mini-breaks or days out
  • Went to the beach, the zoo, to historical houses, and all sorts of interesting places
  • Seen many comedians live, theatre shows, and concerts
  • Met my favourite band: Take That

Enjoyed this blog? Please like it, and share it to help others. And comment below to tell me what fun things you’re going to get up to this year.

Now, stop reading this and go organise some fun 🙂

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