Pleasure & Achievement

So… this is not a new concept. When I suffered from depression and anxiety problems back in 2011, I did some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It was very good, and I recommend it to anyone who thinks they may be suffering from either.

The main thing I learned from my CBT was that I wasn’t balancing out the pleasure and achievement in my life. I felt almost constantly sad, anxious, frustrated and tired… and those feelings made me lazy, quiet, dull… I didn’t have much fun and I didn’t achieve much either… which only led to more sadness and anxiety. It was a vicious circle.

So, now I ensure I maintain a good balance.

I strive to work hard, achieve goals, keep a clean and tidy home, check off my to do list…

And at the same time I make sure I have fun, and laughter, and exciting things to look forward to.

So, have a think. What can you achieve this week? What’d give you a sense of pride and accomplishment?

What fun things can you do this week? How can you bring some joy, laughter, even adventure into your life?

If you get this balance right, the happy feelings flow, the sense of worth grows… shit gets done and good times roll.


If you struggle to get a good balance, I recommend buying a planner or inspirational journal; it’s a great way to set mini goals for the week, keep check of your plans, manage your time efficiently and get your life in order. Let’s make it awesome y’all 🙂

Until next time, happy balancing!