I get asked the same questions a lot … here are some answers:

What’s your favourite, of your books? Izzy’s Cold Feet.

Is The Truth About Ellen based on your own celebrity crush? Of course. It’s inspired by a combination of many, actually. I’m a celebrity crush expert.

How did you get published? I received my fair share of rejection letters before the kind and lovely people at Crooked Cat Publishing offered to take me on 🙂 Hear more about my writing journey in this video vlog >

Where do you get your ideas from? Life just throws them at me. I have a tendency to think ‘what if’ and fantasize.

Who are your favourite authors? Jane Austen, Lindsey Kelk, Paige Toon, Marian Keyes, Nick Hornby, and many others.

I’ve got an idea for a book … but I don’t know where to start … Read my blog about writing a novel, here >

How many books have you sold? Bit rude. How much money do you make? But… enough that I’m overwhelmed and humbled. Not enough to pay off my mortgage just yet.

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