Happy New Year! + Mini-break in Bath

Hello, lovely readers!

I hope you’re having a splendid day, and 2018 is going well for you so far. Have you thought about what you’d like to achieve this year?

IMG_3811Me, I want to read more and travel more and exercise more – the usual. Most of all, I want to write more. As well as my usual yearly chick-lit novel, I’d like to write a Christmassy story, a short story + use this blog a lot more so watch this space!

I hope your Christmas was lovely. Mine was busy but good.

Between Christmas and New Year, my hubby and I went to Bath for a mini-break and I wanted to (a) share a little about it with you because it was WONDERFUL and (b) recommend it as a place to visit, if you’ve never been.

Two days in Bath, UK

We chose Bath, simply because we love it. We’ve been there a bunch of times and it’s one of my favourite UK cities. There’s tonnes of history (literally over 2000 years of it at the Roman Baths), plus it has a connection to Jane Austen (whom I adore) – two of her novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, are partly set in Bath AND she lived there herself for a number of years. The Jane Austen centre on Gay Street is well worth a visit, if you’re a fan.

I think the thing I like best about Bath, is that if you took away the cars and replaced with them with horses and carriages, it’d be as if nothing had changed in 200 years. The buildings – in a golden stone – are some of the best architecture I’ve had the pleasure to gaze up at.

If you’ve never been, I recommend you stroll through the Royal Crescent, and then onto the Circus… then through Milsom Street and to the shopping area for a browse… then to the Abbey… and then walk along the river. Just lovely.

As well as walking around gazing at the buildings, there’s plenty to do – like visiting the Roman Baths (so interesting), the Assembly Rooms, the spa, theatre, and more.IMG_5166

My absolute favourite thing in Bath is The Pump Room – again, you’ll have heard of this if you’re an Austen fan. It’s a large beautiful room, with a high ceiling and huge windows, providing lots of light. Live classical music adds to a great atmosphere. The service is wonderful. The food is outstanding.

This time, we went for traditional British afternoon tea (and they did some great vegetarian substitutions for us). I’ve had a lot of afternoon tea’s … this was the best.



Hotel-wise, we stayed at The Bath House – a great B&B with a four poster-bed, huge bath, great service and breakfast served in our room. Highly recommend it – and just a short walk from all the places listed above.

So, there you go – my write up of my Bath mini-break. If you’re looking for a few days away in the UK, it’s a must.


Wishing you a fabulous 2018 – let’s make it awesome!

10 Ways to look after your happiness

So today is World Mental Health Day. And I’ve been toying around with the idea of writing a blog like this for a while, and today seems a great time to do so.

Truth bomb: I went through a phase where I wished I was dead. I was suffering from depression and anxiety, and I didn’t want to be here anymore. However, I am confident that I’ll never get that low ever again. Here are some of the things I did, and still do, to conquer those feelings and keep happy.


  1. Have fun and be productive. I know this sounds obvious… the thing is, when you’re depressed, you don’t feel like doing anything, and it’s a vicious circle. I did CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) – this was completely life-changing and taught me that I must balance the levels of pleasure and achievement in my life, to get a good balance and feel good.
  2. Control your thoughts. It took me years of practise and I still don’t always do this, but you can decide whether you think positively or negatively. You can see things as good or bad. You can be annoyed or grateful, with every single thought. My cat died recently and I keep focusing on the good: I had her for 13 wonderful years. I’m so glad we found her. I’m so glad I gave her a good life…
  3. gratefulBe grateful. Every single day (yes, every day!) I write down a page in my journal of things I’m grateful for. If you struggle to think of anything good that happened recently, be thankful for food, water, air, shelter, friends… the more you do this, the more you realise how fortunate you are.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Spend that energy making your life as wonderful as possible.
  5. Realise that you are not a victim. Whatever it is that you think is bad in your life, you are not the only person to experience it. Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.
  6. Meditation… which doesn’t mean ‘switching off’ your thinking (I know a lot of people think this and therefore deem it impossible). Try some guided meditations on YouTube. It’s a wonderful way to find some peace and reflection.
  7. happySoak up inspirational stuff. I’ve read books, blogs, articles, attended courses – there’s so much resource out there to help you on your happiness journey. I recommend following Tony Robbins on social media, and checking out The Art of Happiness by HH Dalai Lama, and Happiness by Matthieu Ricard.
  8. Remember you are in control. Hate your job? Change it! Wish you could travel more? Find a way! Overweight? Eat less, exercise more! Arguing with your partner? Find a way to love again, or get out!
  9. Read/watch some stuff about the law of attraction: it’s life changing (I recommend The Secret on YouTube, but skip the first 2 minutes – this stuff works, I promise you).
  10. Think about where you want to be in life. In 5/10/15 years – where do you want to be living? Who with? What job will you have? What’s your lifestyle like? What’s your health like? Set goals. Visualise it every day and start taking inspired actions to get you to that point.

chessI realise life isn’t as simple as this all sounds, but you have the ability to create an extraordinary life!

Being happy is a skill you have to learn, harness and put effort into:

Much like your physical health, good mental health takes work…

If you’d like any more information on the things I’ve mentioned, a simple google search will provide a wealth of info – but feel free to contact me too.

Have a happy, wonderful, fulfilling life!

How I met Take That

So, if you follow me on social media you’ll have seen that on Friday evening I MET TAKE THAT.

But this story starts long ago… let’s go back to the 90’s… I remember listening to ‘It Only Takes A Minute’ on repeat in my bedroom. I was just at the start of the longest crush of my life. Soon, posters started appearing in that same room, covering every surface including the ceiling and even around my window ledge.

I had t-shirts, necklaces, books, stickers, scrapbooks, videos… I went to concerts and nearly wept just knowing that I was breathing the same air as Gary, Robbie, Mark, Howard and Jason. I was crazy for them. I knew every lyric. I thought about them all the time.

These days, I have a much more grown up appreciation for Take That (honest… I mean, there’s only one poster and it’s on the inside of a cupboard door). I still love their music, which has evolved and grown just like they have (and their fans have).

Howard-SarahHowever, anyone who has seen them live will know what they are more than just a band. They’re entertainers: their concerts are a theatrical event. They are, quite simply, the best.

Anyhoo, so as you’ll have gathered, it’s been my dream now for 25 years to meet them… and on Friday, I finally did at HMV in Oxford Street, at an album signing for their new album Wonderland (which is great).

I got one single ticket so had to face going alone, but through a fan group on Facebook I found a new friend to meet up with, Sally – until then a total stranger from Manchester – so we could queue together. Sally’s lovely, I’m so glad we met up. Also met some other lovelies in the queue and the four hour wait to meet our favourite band passed reasonably quickly while we bonded over our fantastic taste in music 😉

And then, finally, I got to the front of the queue and I met Gary Barlow. I’d gone from nervous, to excited, to reasonably calm but as Gary looked at me and gave me a big hug, I must admit I got a bit star struck! I told him I’d been fan since the beginning so I was really happy to meet him and he was very friendly, humble and kind to me.

Next, Howard. Again, really friendly. After that, I met Mark Owen, who has to be one of the friendliest celebrities I’ve ever met (and there has been a fair few!) Really chatty, making jokes, down to earth and affectionate.

Mark-SarahAnd then it was all over. Such a cool experience and I’m so, so happy I met my fave band…

Feel familiar? If you like reading, my book The Truth About Ellen is about a girl who dates her celebrity crush (no link to Take That but fangirls of any band should relate to Ellen’s story!). Check it out here >

Have a fabulous week!

Signed: a very happy Thatter 🙂


Sneak peak: Unrequited Alice – new chicklit novel

Here’s a little extract from Unrequited Alice, my new chicklit book:white 450x450

Alice is in Niagara Falls on a hen/bachelorette weekend for her friend Hannah, who is getting married to Ed in a few weeks… The ladies have met up with some guys who are staying in the same hotel, one of whom is Toby…

“We’re a bit early, ladies, shall we grab a coffee? There’s a place just across the street?” Mike suggested. Everyone nodded.

“I’m gonna wait here,” I told them.
“You okay?” Hannah asked me.
“Fine, I could just do with some fresh air, and I’d like to take more photos.”
“Okay. See you in half an hour?”

“Sure, I’ll be around here.”

Hannah looked worried but turned and followed the others. Billy gave me a warm smile but also joined the group. I leant against the balustrade, and took another photo.

“So are you excited about the wedding?” Toby made me jump.
“You didn’t want coffee?”
“I had plenty with breakfast. And I prefer to enjoy the view.”
“Me too.”

I held my camera up and took a photo of a tree, with the Falls in the background.
“Are you excited about Hannah’s wedding?”

I nodded. “Yeah, of course.”
“You sure?”
“Yes. Why?”
“You just … I don’t know. I’ve got a vibe, that’s all.”
“You’re pretty intuitive.”
“Guess so.”
“I’m really happy for Hannah, I just … I don’t know…”
“Tell me about her fiancé.”
“Ed is … well, he’s a great guy. Really lovely, funny, and smart.”
I shrugged.
“There must be something about him you don’t like, if you’re not quite behind the wedding.”
“No, he’s great. He’ll make an amazing husband.”
He nodded.
“So you’re in love with him?”
I turned from the water to look at him. His eye brows were raised, but he wasn’t smiling.
“You sure?”
“No. I … he’s … I like him. A lot. Maybe I’ve got a tiny crush, but… Oh wow, why am I telling you this? I’ve never told anyone this.”
I gave a nervous laugh and turned away, I didn’t dare look at him, my eyes were filling with water. I kept looking at the falls, which kept running over and crashing down, just like they always had and always would.

“I’m a pretty good listener.”
“I’m sure you are, but I hardly know you.”
“Maybe it’d help?”
“What do you want me to say?” I asked, my voice sounding almost hysterical. I looked at him again, taking in his face. He had a kind expression and I relaxed a little.
“What good would it do, to talk about it?”
“Sorry, I just thought maybe it’d make you feel better.”
Would it make me feel better? I had no idea.

“Would talking about it ease the pain of knowing the man I love doesn’t love me back? That he is in love with my oldest friend instead? That I’ll never, ever get to be with him? I think talking about it would just make me cry. And I don’t like to cry.”

I was standing, facing him now, my voice louder than I’d intended, my camera in one hand. The look of sadness and sympathy on his face made me feel embarrassed and I felt my face heat up.

“I’m sorry, I just thought you might like to talk about him, get it off your chest.”

“Ed is amazing. Happy now? He’s amazing. But he’s in love with Hannah. And I don’t wish it were me instead of her, because she’s happy, and I want her to be happy!”

My eyes were full of tears now and as I blinked, a single drop fell and ran down my cheek. Toby put his thumb on it and rubbed it away gently. His touch made me catch my breath.

“But you’re unhappy…”
I shrugged. “Not unhappy. Just … sad.”
He nodded and just looked at me. I looked right back, trying to read his mind again.
“I’ve no idea why I told you all that,” I said. I rubbed my eyes carefully. “Have I smudged my mascara?”

“Thank you.”
“Unrequited love sucks,” he said.
“It sure does.”
“But you know what, you determine your own happiness.”

He squeezed my hand for just a second and I felt a little current pass between us. I looked at him for a moment longer, wondering how a practical stranger could have made me open up about this so easily. I forced my eyes away to the falls and we looked out in silence for a little while.

“The others are coming back,” he said, smiling warmly. “Take a deep breath, you’re going to be fine.”

I did as he said, breathing deeply. Somehow, I felt relieved.
“Alice!” Hannah called. “Come on!”
I followed Toby, and we re-joined the others at the top of the steps that led to the boats. We walked down, everyone chatting happily while I digested what had just happened. Part of me wanted to stay away from Toby, to not let myself open up like that ever again. The other part wanted to get him alone and pour my heart out.


Unrequited Alice is a new romantic comedy novel, released on 16 March 2017 in paperback and e-book format.

Pre-order from Amazon > 


Meet the characters from Unrequited Alice

Hello! I hope this blog finds you happy and having a great day…

white 450x450It’s less than two months to go now until the release of Unrequited Alice on 16 March! I’m really excited to share Alice’s tale with you all. Here’s a bit about her…

Alice lives in Camden, London and runs a bookshop. And her biggest problem is that she’s in unrequited love. You know, the soul-destroying, painful, sad, hopeless kind of love. The man she loves is about to marry her friend. And Alice is going to be bridesmaid.

So, what about the other characters in Alice’s world?

Alice’s oldest friend, Hannah is about to get married to Ed…

The man Alice is in love with. Oops.
But, Ed loves Hannah of course. Or does he?

Penny and Miranda
Alice’s fun-loving friends and house-mates.

Alice meets Toby on Hannah’s hen weekend. He is in unrequited love, too. Can they help each other to move on?

The good-looking guy who wants to date Alice – but is he really want she wants?

You can pre-order Unrequited Alice now from Amazon 🙂



My 2016

Every December, I write a reflective blog post about my year and what’s gone on. Time to look back at 2016!

I finished writing Unrequited Alice – out in March 2017, yay! And I’m now working on Book 6 (six! how did that happen?!).

I also ready some fabulous books (inc Lindsey Kelk, Paige Toon and Giovanna Fletcher).

Adventures: I went to Kefalonia – so beautiful! Expect it to feature in a future book! I also went to some fab gigs: Coldplay, Take That, Robbie Williams… saw Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan live (both so funny) and I adopted a puppy (follow me on Instagram for cute puppy pics).


My two dogs x

Perhaps most adventurous of all though, was quitting my full-time job to work for myself. It’s been the plan, all along, since I had my first book Amy & Zach published, and this year I finally did it. As well as writing books, I’m also offering freelance marketing and copywriting services which I really enjoy & I love my new lifestyle.

Vlogs: 2016 was also the year I started vlogging! I always plan to blog more often and don’t … and I now feel the same about vlogs but I have enjoyed talking directly to readers. If you missed my videos, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch them here.

How was your 2016? What fun did you have? Have you set out any goals for next year yet?

I’d like to learn another language (French or German, perhaps), and I’ve already got three vacations booked! Looking forward to writing more and talking to you more in 2017!

Lastly- if you haven’t entered yet, sign up to my newsletter and you could win a £10 Amazon voucher + four signed paperbacks.

Have a fabulous Christmas and an amazing new year! 🙂

Special Guest: Joy Norstrom – author of Out of Play

About a month ago, I was asked by Joy Norstrom if I’d like to read her debut novel and provide an endorsement (if I enjoyed it) for the cover. How sweet is that, and how honoured was I?! And, my honest opinion was that ‘Out of Play’, about a married couple torn apart by LARP (live action role play), is a brilliant read. Very funny, but also emotional. I loved the narrative and felt like the main character, Gillian, became a friend.

out-of-playAs you can see, my comment is now on the cover (how cool is that?)

So, I thought I’d invite Joy to my blog for an interview, find out a bit more about her and her great book – which I highly recommend you go and buy right now.

Firstly – Joy, welcome to my blog. Do you want to tell us a bit about your new book in your own words?

Thanks for the warm welcome, Sarah!

Out of Play is about a marriage that has become disconnected over time. Gillian, our protagonist, believes the problem stems from her husband choosing a hobby (live-action roleplay or LARP) over spending time with her. Like many other people struggling in a relationship, Gillian enlists the help of a counsellor.

The counsellor challenges Gillian to move from judgment to openness; she encourages Gillian to try LARP with Ralph. Does Gillian follow-through? Well…she takes her own spin on the advice and secretly attends a larp event as a kitchen volunteer. Spying may not be the best choice for fostering a healthy marriage, but who says marriage always involves making the best choices?

The physical journey in Out of Play is interwoven with an emotional journey. Gillian must face the underlying issues that have left emotional scars in order to find connection and peace.

I’m sure many women can identify with their spouse’s hobbies taking them away from their marriage (be it larp, golf, the X-Box …) – what inspired you to write this story?

I’ve had several people ask if my husband plays larpJ. The answer is no, but I’m certainly not always on friendly terms with his hobby: beer-league hockey.

I believe that we, as women, live a great deal of our lives post falling in love. I wanted to explore a reality that might be faced later on in an intimate relationship.

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing for 6 years. When it was first suggested to me that I should write a book, I was dismissive of the idea. I didn’t see myself as a creative person, but the idea took root. The more I explored storytelling and character development, the more important it became for me to pursue.

Being at home with young children was both rewarding and challenging. I felt run down and as though I didn’t have space or time for myself. Writing became a way to engage my brain in learning something new and exploring my creativity.

I hope your next novel is in progress! What can you tell us?

I can tell you that it is messy, but so was Out of Play 🙂

My current work-in-progress is about a single parent trying to balance competing demands on a very restricted income. Sound fun? Definitely not! So of course I have injected some laughter as she moves forward in love, life and motherhood. I’m having fun with this new character because she has a whole load of past hurts, habits and hang-ups to explore.  I’ve also got a cast of eccentric older women who are looking to my main character for sex and dating advice.

joy-norstrom-authorFinally, tell us something about you, who is Joy (other than a fabulous author, of course)?

Thanks for the kind words, Sarah!

First off, I’m this person with what my husband calls ‘fire in the belly.’ I tend to be loud and opinionated and not easily swayed. I often say things from the heart without analysing the long term consequences. People either like this…or they don’t!

We share our home with two daughters, who are night and day to each other. They are our raison d’etre.

We’ve two of the gentlest old lady sheep dogs and a pair of breeding finches. I confess to buying the birds while my husband was in Nevada on a boy’s golf trip. It might have been a mistake on my part…but these things happen in even the best marriages!

Thanks so much to Joy for visiting my blog today… everyone else: go buy her book 😉

Buy on Amazon >

Find Joy online: www.joynorstrom.ca

T: @norstrom_joy

F: facebook.com/joy.norstromaut

Optical Express Laser Eye Surgery Review

Hello, good people.

Last year I had laser eye surgery via Optical Express. Their customer service was absolutely awful, and continues to be.

I wrote the below letter of complaint to their head office, and they replied with a letter of apology (which had mistakes in it) and a £50 Optical Express voucher – quite an insult really, as I obviously no longer need glasses (and why would I want to put myself through more stress by being their customer any longer).

Also, I just called today to arrange my one-year follow up (supposed to be included in the huge fee I paid) and they said as it’s a few days after the one year anniversary, I’d have to pay for this! They’ve had nearly £5k off me already! They didn’t send me a reminder to make the appointment, so just another example of how poor their customer service is. I told them not to bother, I’m not giving them another penny.*

Here’s my letter, so you can have an understanding of the terrible experience I had. If you’re looking for laser eye surgery, I obviously do not recommend them.

My letter:

I would like to make a formal complaint about the service I have received from Optical Express. You have disappointed me again and again, and I write this in the hope that you may learn from it and prevent other customers from suffering the same.

Firstly, I chose Optical Express for my laser eye surgery because I believe you were the best; a well-known leader in the field. However you have disappointed me along almost every step of my customer journey, wasted huge amounts of my time, and caused me a lot of stress.

Here’s a list of the times you’ve let me down. These incidents on their own may not have been a big deal, but put together it has been an extremely poor experience.

1. I booked my initial consultation at the Milton Keynes branch, online. I then received a letter just a few days later, to say that MK would be closed that day I needed to go to Northampton. This would involve me traveling for 30 minutes each way instead of 10 – so you were in effect asking me to take 1 hour travel time instead of 20 minutes, for both me and my partner (as I was told I couldn’t come alone/drive home). I found this to be quite presumptuous – that I would just be happy to travel further, the letter shouldn’t have been sent and I should’ve been called instead. I called up and said I didn’t want to do this and so they re-arranged my appointment in MK for when they re-opened.

2. My initial consultation was fine, but only then did I discover I couldn’t have the surgery in MK – you should make this clearer on your website. My surgery was booked for 20 November in Shaftsbury Avenue.

3. I then received a confirmation letter, plus an almost identical letter sent to my address but confirming the appointment for Michelle Spiller, who appeared to have the appointment after mine. I emailed the address given on the letter, saying that you must have a data problem and Michelle may have not received her letter – plus I pointed out that I hoped no one had received my name and details like I’d received Michelle’s. No one replied, so I then called up. The person I spoke to thanked me for letting her know, but didn’t offer any apology or explanation. No one ever replied to that email.

4. 20 November, I was excited; no glasses after today! Or so I thought… I was under the laser, about to start, when I was told it’d stopped working. Having had my ‘flaps’ done, I then had to go and sit with watery eyes in the recovery room for about 20 mins, nerves increasing. Eventually, I went back in and had 2 seconds of laser treatment before the machine broke again. I was asked to wait again in the recovery room. After about half an hour I was told that an engineer was on his way to fix the machine, but I’d have a two hour wait minimum.

All other patients would be moved to Harley Street but I must remain. I was quite stressed and the staff apologised, but my surgeon said: “I promise I’ll finish your eyes today.” It was suggested I go out and have some lunch in a restaurant – not likely to work for me, seeing as my eyes were constantly watering and sore. So, both myself and my partner sat and waited. And waited. I couldn’t even read so I mostly just sat with my eyes closed. Eventually, I was told the laser surgery couldn’t be completed today, that it was too risky and I should go home and return the next day. I was told that Optical Express would cover any travel expenses.

Both myself and my partner had taken a day off of work for nothing, and returned home feeling rather stressed. The rest of my day was ruined; I didn’t get home until about 4pm and I couldn’t really do much with sore eyes – which wouldn’t have mattered to me had I had 20/20 vision but I still needed my glasses, of course. I was suffering for no reward.

5. 21 November, I returned and my laser surgery was completed. My surgeon made me feel taken care of and made up a little for the previous day (his efforts to redeem Optical Express have since been undone with the other issues I’ve had below, however).

6. 22 November, my follow-up appointment. This should have been in MK on 21/11, but as MK are closed on Sunday’s, I had to return to Shaftesbury Avenue for the third day running. 90 minutes travel time each way meant that we had now spent an additional 6 hours travelling than expected.

7. 23 November, I wrote a letter to XXX, Manager of Shaftsbury Avenue, as instructed with the receipts for my additional travel (not including petrol, so I was still out of pocket). This totalled £93.50.

8. I also tried to make my appointment for my 1 week follow-up in MK. I was told that MK don’t do laser follow-ups on weekends, and are only open Tuesday-Thursdays. David from head office had been calling me regularly to check I was OK, so I told him this wasn’t very customer friendly and he said he agreed and arranged my appointment in MK for Saturday 28 November.

9. 28 November, I turn up for my appointment at 10:30 and the receptionist tells me that they’re running 40 minutes late! I asked why she didn’t call me to tell me in advance, and she just shrugged. I said I had paid for parking and considering the stress I’d already been put through, it’d be nice if I was given priority. I was told to take a seat and she would see what she could do. I suggested she call other patients whose appointments may be running late, out of courtesy, so they didn’t have to wait 40 mins as well, and she just looked at me blankly. I tried to call David, but he wasn’t available so I spoke to someone else in his department; while explaining my situation, someone came to take me through for my appointment. I suspect this was because I was describing the stress of the machine breaking down in front of other patients. In the end, my appointment was about 20 minutes late. The staff there hinted it was because they don’t usually do this sort of appointment on a Saturday – not my problem – and not very professional to hint it’d been a mistake to give me the appointment.

10. 23 January – I had still not received my cheque to reimburse my expenses. [The store manager] had told me this would be a month, it was now 2 months. I called to speak to David, he wasn’t around so someone else said they’d sort it out and someone would call me back.

11. 27 January – I still have not heard about my cheque, and call David again. He said he didn’t know but would call me back. He did call back and said I should receive my cheque with in the next 7 days. I asked why I hadn’t got it already, he said he didn’t know.

12. 3 February – 1 week later, still no cheque. I emailed David to find out what’s going on. He never replied to this email.

13. 4 February – someone new leaves me a voicemail to say my cheque is being sent out. I received this on 5 February. I do not believe I’d have got it at all if I hadn’t chased so many times.

Now, I understand machines break down. I understand that someone makes a mistake now and then. But this long list of bad service is not acceptable. I paid £4,890 and do not feel that I’ve received anywhere near the good service that this sort of money should bring. I’m utterly disappointed and although I’d recommend laser eye surgery to anyone, I would definitely tell them to avoid Optical Express. I’m shocked that a big brand like you could repeatedly get it so wrong.

I’ve calculated that between the extra appointments, extra travel, running late time, extra phone calls, plus the two letters, you have wasted over 10 hours of my time. I write freelance; if I were to charge you for this time, you’d owe me over £XXX (removed for purpose of this blog). Not to mention my parner’s time and our day off work – and, perhaps most importantly, the stress you’ve caused us throughout.

All through this, no formal apology has been made for the stress you’ve caused and time you’ve wasted, and I’m disappointed that I felt the need to write this letter.


*Update: they have now offered me a free follow-up (probably after seeing my review above) … I just hope I don’t have a long wait!

**Update: my last appointment went OK, I didn’t have to wait for once (perhaps because of this blog!). Never going back!