Optical Express Laser Eye Surgery Review

Hello, good people. Last year I had laser eye surgery via Optical Express. Their customer service was absolutely awful, and continues to be. I wrote the below letter of complaint to their head office, and they replied with a letter of apology (which had mistakes in it) and a £50 Optical Express voucher - quite … Continue reading Optical Express Laser Eye Surgery Review

New chick-lit novel: Unrequited Alice

I'm delighted to announce that my fifth romantic comedy novel, Unrequited Alice, will be published on 16 March 2017 by Crooked Cat Publishing. Alice is about to be bridesmaid at her friend Hannah's wedding... the only trouble is, she's in love with Ed. Hannah's fiancé.   Sign up to my mailing list to be first … Continue reading New chick-lit novel: Unrequited Alice


I am now officially using Twitter. If you're interested in knowing when I have written a new blog entry, feel free to 'follow me' (visit http://twitter.com/sarahsmith16) ...it's a strange concept, really, but more and more these days sites like this are becoming very popular. I originally signed up just to see what all the fuss was … Continue reading Twitter