★ Live your best life

time to be happy, happiness conceptWhat makes the world’s happiest people, happy? How can one person face terrible, heart-breaking events and manage to move forward, yet another person falls apart? How come some people seem to have it all?

Many years ago, I looked for answers to questions like these. I read books, took training classes, attended events… and learned that I needed to:

I’m now a happier, stronger, more successful person. I truly feel I’m living my best life. I want to share with you what I’ve learned. Scroll down to read more… or delve straight into my blog for tips and advice >

Have a great day ✩

Live your best life

After many years of studying how human beings achieve contentment, fulfilment and joy… I believe these ingredients will help you to create your ‘best life’ – Deciding what you want your life to look like, then making that a reality Surrounding yourself with only those who bring you joy, and not stress Having as much … Continue reading Live your best life

Mindset and positivity

Thoughts = Feelings = Actions So, if you have negative thoughts, you’ll have negative feelings and make negative decisions about what to do (or not do, often) If you have positive thoughts, you’ll feel more positive, and are more likely to take positive action. So how can you learn to control your thoughts better? I’ve … Continue reading Mindset and positivity

‘Stuff’ I recommend

In my journey towards contentment, I’ve purchased rather a lot of ‘stuff’. Here are some of the things I recommend… Books to read (contact me if you’d like more suggestions) I love Oprah… I find her so inspiring and this book is full of wisdom and insight. It’s light, easy reading you can dip in … Continue reading ‘Stuff’ I recommend