Positive Mindset Workshop

IMG_7406Join me for an evening exploring ways in which you can grow a more positive mindset

We will cover:

  • The impact of positive and negative thoughts on our emotional state and, ultimately, our whole lives
  • Positive anchors – techniques to help you to maintain a positive outlook
  • What to do when you’re having a ‘low moment’ or ‘bad day’

This is more than just ‘positive thinking’ – these are real strategies that, if used regularly, can make a huge impact on your mental wellbeing, and improve every area of your life. You’ll come away with tools to implement what you’ve learned into your daily routine.

When: Wednesday 20 November from 7-9pm

Where: Oxley Park, Milton Keynes

Price: £24 (inc VAT)

Places are limited so please book today if you want to reserve your spot!

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What makes me an expert?

About ten years ago, I was drifting through life, feeling rather unfulfilled. I had a very negative mindset, and eventually ended up being diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

I decided I didn’t want to sink that low again, so I began studying ‘happiness’. I wanted to know:
What makes the world’s happiest people, happy?
Why are some people content, calm and resilient, while others fall apart?
How could I become a happier, more positive person?
How could I work out what I really wanted most, and then go after those dreams?
Essentially: How could I live my best life?

So I read personal development books, attended events and took training courses. As a result, I now have a range of tools, techniques and values which I live my life by and I’m happier, stronger and more capable of achieving great things.

Of course, now and then I have a low mood or bad day, we are all only human! But knowing how to bounce back quickly, turn your day around, and lift yourself back into a peak state is possible.

I’m passionate about living my best life, and want to help you to do the same.

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